A unique physical therapy experience you'll never forget.

What we do

Lotus Physical Therapy & Wellness is a pelvic floor practice that provides a whole body, holistic approach to treating orthopedic and pelvic health conditions. You may be limited by pain, lack of mobility or strength, or maybe you want to maintain a certain level of fitness. Whatever your goal, you don't have to do it alone. Here, you receive one on one, individualized physical therapy with your goals in mind.



Whether you are experiencing low back pain related to injury, poor posture, or weakness, we can help. Other conditions treated include balance disorders, arthritis, neck, shoulder, hip or knee pain, ankle sprains, and more.

pregnancy & postpartum

Growing and birthing a little human is a beautiful experience but can come with nagging side effects including hip, back, and leg pains, abdominal separation, painful scars, and incontinence.


pelvic health

There's nothing normal about incontinence, painful sex, pelvic pain, or prolapse. Just because your mother and grandmother experienced it for years, doesn't mean you should, too. 

What to expect

In person initial evaluations are scheduled for 75 minutes and include a complete physical examination, thorough history of your current state, as well as treatment and/or education. Follow up visits are scheduled for 60 minutes of treatment, with emphasis on skilled manual therapy in a personalized, holistic environment. 

Not in the local area? No problem, virtual consultation and coaching are available for the conditions below.


Common conditions treated

Low back pain


Hip pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Rotator cuff tear

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Ankle sprain

Knee pain

Pre or post surgery

…and more

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Common conditions treated

Diastasis recti abdominis

Pelvic organ prolapse

Urinary and fecal incontinence


Pubic symphysis dysfunction

Pelvic pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Pelvic floor spasm or weakness

Weak core

Painful tears and scars

Myofacial and visceral restrictions

Rib and breast pain

Clogged milk ducts

...and more

ask about our postpartum wellness program where we work together to reeducate your vagina

Pelvic Health

Common conditions treated

Pelvic organ prolapse

Urinary and fecal incontinence


Pelvic and perineal pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Pelvic floor spasm or weakness

Tailbone pain

Painful intercourse 



Painful ejaculation

Chronic prostatitis

Post prostatectomy

...and more